Pasteur, Sabin and Salk were geniuses who gave us essential vaccines. They worked almost alone for years in their laboratories or ivory towers. Until they had the inspiration that led them to their discoveries. That romantic image of scientists has disappeared. At least ten laboratories produced the essential Covid vaccine in just one year. They were not individual geniuses, but immense, perfectly coordinated work groups. We have the intuition or certainty that it was inevitable that they would achieve their objective. Laboratories risk a fortune on insurance, not on a “maybe”. The old phrase “90% perspiration, 10% inspiration” was converted into “100% perspiration.” There were no geniuses to arrive at the Covid vaccine. Just work, work, work. They all turned to Covid forced by their laboratories, which were not interested in humanity but in the possibility of selling their vaccines to an unprecedented market of 8 billion humans. For the first time in the history of marketing, a product was designed for absolutely the entire population. Because the Covid vaccine is universal in the absolute sense of the word.

Newton’s genius was not wondering why the apple fell, but rather his curiosity to know why the apple fell, but the Moon did not. And the geniuses of before only had a limited library of the works of his predecessors. Today’s Einsteins have all science at the click of a mouse.

The 21st century finds us facing a new paradigm of science. It is no longer built from curiosity, doubt, perplexity. Today the driving force is companies. Or consumer society if you like. There are no longer geniuses, only pawns who advance en masse, one square at a time, but with the certainty that they will reach the crowning of their efforts and obstinacy. There are no individuals, there are teams. Achievements don’t take years, but months. They are not based on ten books, but on millions. 21st Century Science, welcome.

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Oscar Samoilovich [email protected]


The situation of Argentine families is critical. I understand and support the effort for zero deficit and lower inflation. But the effort is being made by the most vulnerable sectors, including retirees. I think there is a limit to everything and it is necessary to compare. With 15 euros you can buy in a Spanish supermarket, the same as with 30 in Argentina, with the difference that in Spain you earn on average 9 times more than here. Changes must take into account the human cost, beyond our hope that the President will do well.

The Senate is made up of obstructionists who have never contributed anything to the nation, but instead took advantage of it. The Bases Law will be a great generator of business and employment. Perhaps adjustments will have to be made to make these investments sustainable, but they have such a dimension that it will make the field’s contribution tiny, when mining and oil, along with gas, are being fully exported. However, the economy is collapsing and investments and support for SMEs are urgently needed.

Esteban Tortarolo [email protected]

Spain’s apology to the President

Having listened to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares, demanding a public apology for what was stated by our president Javier Milei, in a speech at a partisan forum in Madrid, I allow myself to pick up the gauntlet and respond to him.

It was precisely the Spanish president Pedro Sánchez who publicly mentioned that in view of the investigation that was being carried out against his wife Begoña Gómez Fernández for corruption – and what a circus that Argentines have accustomed us to endure over so many years of corrupt governments like the one currently suspected of the one from Spain – who took five days to decide whether to continue or resign. For much less than that, they tripped Rajoy at the time and his party forced him to resign. I understand that the suspicion is still valid, therefore until the Spanish Justice system issues a ruling, our President is not obliged to apologize.

Norberto Gabriel Fano [email protected]

Prison measure stands out in the Lucio Dupuy case

With the rapid intervention of the Minister of Security of the Nation, Patricia Bullrich, the torturers and murderers of the 5-year-old boy Lucio Dupuy, one of them his mother and the other his partner sentenced to life imprisonment by Justice, who until now lived together in the same cell, they were separated and one of them was transferred to another prison. You want it then you get it. Congratulations to the minister for her intervention and for doing justice. Something is beginning to change in our beloved Argentina.

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Norberto Jorge Chivilo [email protected]

Claim for an incorrect photo ticket

A photo ticket sent by the Municipality of Bragado arrived at my home. It indicates that the vehicle I own did not respect the speed limits on May 20, 2023 at 10:31 on RN 5, km 210.7. This description is false: my car has never driven through said place and the irrefutable proof is the same photo they send, since it corresponds to a van that looks like my vehicle only in color.

The official website does not respond and neither does any telephone number, which is why I complain through this means. I don’t doubt the honesty of the officials, but at least make sure that the photo sent matches the data of the (supposedly) offending car.

Carlos Antonio Lopez [email protected]

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