Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois speaks to journalists.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he “regrets” the resignation of his co-spokesperson Émilise Lessard-Therrien. (Archive photo)

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Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois says he “regrets” the sudden departure of the other spokesperson for Québec solidaire (QS), Émilise Lessard-Therrien, who announced Monday morning that she was suffering from professional burnout.

I have no choice, of course, to accept this decision, but it frankly makes me sadhe declared at a press briefing late in the morning, alongside his fellow MP Christine Labrie.

The resignation of Émilise Lessard-Therrien is a bad new For QSrecognized Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. Émilise had just received a mandate from the members, he recalled, so we will not pretend that there is nothing there.

However, according to him, it would be an exaggeration to speak of a crisis within his political party, even if it seems to be plateauing in voting intentions, according to surveys by two recognized polling firms whose results were published last week.

Christine Labrie, for her part, said sad she too to see Émilise Lessard-Therrien in this state.

I’m disappointed too anyway, I’m going to say it, because I had confidence in her, declared the MP. I had hope for the message it carried. Then I can’t hide that I would have liked to see her try for longer.

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Spokesperson for five months

Émilise Lessard-Therrien announced her resignation on Facebook early Monday morning, essentially deploring that the resources of QS are largely focused on the parliamentary work of the party.

The former member of Parliament for Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue, who still lives in the region, was elected female spokesperson for the party on November 26 to succeed Manon Massé, who had decided to pass the torch after having held this position for seven years.

She won the race for co-spokesperson of QS with only three votes ahead of Ruba Ghazal. The member for Sherbrooke, Christine Labrie, finished in third and last place.

The challenge since then has been to make room for an unelected spokesperson in the National Assembly. But It is clear that we have not succeeded in meeting this challenge, collectively.recognized Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois on Monday, adding that he (took his share) of responsibility for this failure.

I wish it would work. I worked on it with all my heart, with all my sincerity. And I regret that it ended this way.

A quote from Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, male spokesperson for Québec solidaire

QS said Monday that it was still too early to comment on the mechanisms that will make it possible to replace Ms. Lessard-Therrien. Out of respect for Émilise, information about the election process for a new female spokesperson will be communicated laterhe stressed on the X network.

Resignation at QS: Guy Leclerc salutes the courage of Émilise Lessard-Therrien. BROADCAST HERE FIRST. Golden mornings.

Ms. Lessard-Therrien announced at the end of March that she wanted to take a break due to “a small health concern”. She confirmed in her Monday post that she was suffering from professional burnout.

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According to our sources, QS was ready to grant her an annual travel budget of $30,000 to allow her to travel between her home in Témiscamingue, the National Assembly in Quebec, and the party headquarters in Montreal.

The training was also ready to play in the columns of numbers to give him a additional resource.

These efforts, that said, were obviously not enough to retain Ms. Lessard-Therrien, who is also the mother of two children.

At the dawn of the start of the parliamentary term, the new co-spokesperson of QS promised to spend a lot of time on the ground to defend the interests of the regions. I won’t be able to do it aloneshe had warned, however.

More details will follow.

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