“Either things calm down, or…”, the cash ultimatum posed by the management of TF1 to Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier

It’s almost the end. This Friday April 26, after more than two months of adventure, TF1 will broadcast the finale of the thirteenth season of Dance with the stars. There are still three to claim victory. In addition to those of Nico Capone, whose journey commands admiration, the public will be able to discover the final performances of Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, also finalists.

Two candidates who stood out by their efforts on the floor but also by their resounding clash which literally overshadowed every other highlight of the season.

The scandal of the season

Occurring in January 2024, when the competition had not yet started, the altercation between the two artists initially remained secret for several weeks before finally coming to light. Faced with the scale of the event, the two candidates were forced to speak out on social networks.

Two versions were opposed and some candidates chose one camp more than anotherlike Caroline Margeridon, who sided with Anthony Colette, Natasha St-Pier’s dance partner.

The threat of elimination

Overwhelmed by the scandal, the management of TF1 therefore decided to react. According to our colleagues at ParisianRodolphe Belmer, the boss of the channel, issued an ultimatum to Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier, whose lawyers he brought together.

The two celebrities were warned: “Either things calm down or both are eliminated”. Faced with pressure, both decided to make efforts to forget their differences. It now remains to be seen whether this will allow one of them to win the trophy. Dance with the stars. Answer this Friday April 26 at 9:15 p.m. on TF1!

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