Four days after Franco Daniel Maizarez died while carrying out military training in Córdoba, after his parachute failed his family, who still cannot assimilate the news, delivered a crude testimony this Tuesday remembering the command sergeant of the IV Airborne Brigade.

“My brother was the youngest and an excellent person, with a very high level of professionalism. I loved the profession“, said Mario Maizares, one of his brothers, in statements made from the door of the 2nd Parachute Infantry Regiment “General Balcarce.”

Sergeant Maizarez was participating on Friday in “a scheduled operational training activity” in the La Calera area, northwest of the city of Córdoba, as officially reported by the Army a day later.

The operation consisted of “the launching of automatic, high-infiltration parachutes at the military training field, in the vicinity of the La Mezquita Aerodrome.”


It happened on Friday, northwest of the provincial capital. Franco Daniel Maizarez jumped from an aircraft, but his main and emergency equipment failed.

For unknown reasons His team failed and Maizares lost his life. The investigation of his was left in the hands of Federal Court No. 3, headed by Dr. Miguel Hugo Vaca Narvaja, while in parallel the Army began internal administrative actions.

“A part of me and my family was gone because it caught us suddenly. We still can’t understand it“added the victim’s brother in a crude testimony delivered to El Doce.

Together with their father, he also recognized his professional aptitudes and recalled that when at 18 he was given “the option of going to work or joining the Army, Maizarez chose “without hesitation” that last option.

“He was in Spain together with another instructor to gain experience there. He met many colleagues from other countries and they were amazed by his techniques. Later he was with the Brazilian special commandos as well. Always with the same passion”, he acknowledged to his brother, a native of Cosquín.

Then, he completed: “His career went up from step to step and now we have to do this we are still in shock because he was a person full of life and was always happy.”

Mario Maizares, brother of the sergeant who died during military training in Córdoba when his parachute did not open.Mario Maizares, brother of the sergeant who died during military training in Córdoba when his parachute did not open.

For his part, the family’s lawyer, Germán Zini, confirmed that he approached the Court this Tuesday that is carrying out the investigation to “constitute a complaint”, with the primary objective of “knowing what happened” but also to stipulate why neither of the two parachutes opened.

The family is uncertain and wants to know if it was a human, technical or parachute material error. So the first step is to present ourselves to Justice, file the complaint” and make ourselves available to determine what happened to Franco,” the lawyer completed.

The accident shocked both Vice President Victoria Villarruel and the Minister of Defense, Luis Petri, who expressed themselves on social networks and regretted the episode.


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