This cult scene from “Visitors” was almost cut, Christian Clavier fans in shock

For several days, Jean-Marie Poiré has been conducting interviews. On the other hand, it is not to promote a new film. Furthermore, having nothing more to prove to his admirers, he decides to tell his most beautiful (and worst) memories. However, on the airwaves of RTL, the director will make a shocking revelation to listeners. For movie buffs and fans of Christian Clavier’s humor, it’s a cold shower!

The double punishment of Christian Clavier

This is not the first time that Jean-Marie Poiré has targeted a personality from the entertainment world. On the set of “Quelle époque”, he gives his rave opinion on Coluche. Despite the comedian’s talent, the filmmaker does not have good memories of their meetings. In an evening at a nightclub or during this meal with Josiane Balasko, the man in the yellow overalls is as contemptuous as antipathetic“.

As far back as Jean-Marie Poiré’s memories go, the filming of “The Visitors” with Christian Clavier is not easy. First of all, one of the members of the production team sums it up “cut(r) things”. Also, the filmmaker is going to put water in his wine. First, the producer will reread the script and highlight scenes who do not look good to (him). Then the director will have the last word.

From then on, this famous “OK” line from Christian Clavier is on the verge of disappearing. A perfectionist, but also tired and troubled, Jean-Marie Poiré explains. “I was saved because we were also late for assembly, so I had to go and choose some takes. »

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Fortunately, the kitchen scene and its “OK” is already present in the box. Determined to have a third opinion, Jean-Marie Poiré summons his chief editor. Indeed, from experience, he ” beware on the (hypocritical) side technicians who are always a little flattering.”

The expert’s findings are clear. At first, Jean-Marie Poiré pretends not to appreciate this extract. However, given the tears of laughter running down her cheeks, her expert persists and signs. “It’s not funny, it’s unspeakable”. Reboosted, convinced of the comic potential of this line from Christian Clavier, Jean-Marie Poiré is opposed to its withdrawal.

The rest, we know it. Appreciated by critics, but also by cinema lovers, the first part of this film will break all records. In fact, the number of entries and nominations for the Césars is a great success that can only be validated with an “OK”

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