Know sign by sign What does your horoscope have in store for you this Saturday, May 18, 2024?.

Clarín brings you the most accurate predictions and the most reliable advice of the astrology today for your sign in matters of health, love and money.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today

Horoscope today: You will show all your creativity in realizing your personal aspirations that you usually put off for others.

Health: Even if you have a full agenda, steal some time for pleasure and relaxation. Dare to take risks without exposing yourself completely.

Love: You will fall in love for the first time or as if it were the first time. Remember that ecstasy is short-lived, don’t waste your happiness.

Money: Good time to invest for the long term. Your financial skills are increased.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Perfect balance in your mood. If you lower your anxiety level, today you will miraculously solve what seemed impossible.

Health: Most of the health problems you suffer from are due to your own carelessness. You should rest more from now on.

Love: Things happen around you that seem tailor-made for you. You will feel euphoric. Rationally channel that emotion.

Money: You need to get away from the exhausting routine for a few days to regain your creativity. Proper time for an ambitious change.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Enjoying good moments will help you overlook the bitter pills that life gives you. Avoid going to extremes. Use consistency.

Health: The image will be your letter of introduction. Seek to accompany it with good preparation to impact. Don’t hesitate to show what you know.

Money: If you intend to achieve economic stability, have a positive attitude towards long-term financial and professional plans.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Successive changes, all unexpected, will affect you more than necessary. The responsibilities will seem difficult to overcome.

Health: Leave the blame aside, you can’t solve everyone’s problems. True charity begins at home. Take care of the well-being of the family.

Love: You know how to steer yourself in the right direction in matters of the heart. Grudges do not allow the free flow of a relationship.

Money: With concrete actions, not ideas, you will reach the goal. It is time for action, you must be convinced of the direction to follow.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Your family will be the one you most want to have close at this time. Don’t listen to words from people you don’t know deeply.

Health: It is time to control your character and not commit excesses. Arguing with other people will cause internal discomfort that will not be good for your health.

Love: What you are expecting from that person will not come today. You must give clearer signals of your desires.

Money: A problem could arise with your boss that you will have to solve without thinking around. State your position clearly.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Reality will not be what you expected and plans will not turn out as you projected. Think calmly before acting.

Health: Think about focusing your life towards something more spiritual. The heaviness could be due to a lack of true motivations.

Love: You could betray yourself with some attitudes. No matter how strong the temptation is, do not forget the consequences.

Money: Possible deceptions and confusing moments. If agreements arise, ensure that they are based on ethical principles.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Health: No to heroism. Teach others to solve their problems alone. You will gain nothing by complaining and giving up.

Love: Don’t try to escape your destiny. Live love intensely and without restrictions.

Money: Abandon urgencies for a while and reduce your demands. Try to distance yourself from work and broaden your horizons.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Your skills of tact and diplomacy are being called upon today to resolve a misunderstanding.

Health: Try to contain your pride. Leave selfishness aside and you will see how many doors open. Sometimes empathy brings you closer to your goals.

Love: Loving is beautiful, but don’t commit infidelities that can cost you dearly. Think clearly.

Money: Quality is your flag, don’t neglect it. If you don’t have specific proposals, don’t despair. Wait for the opportunity.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Favorable period for studies or contact with cultural or educational institutions. Good month for students and teachers.

Health: A positive approach can do wonders, it will take you out of the whirlwind in which you have been involved and show you that everything resides in the mind.

Love: Your relationship with your partner is faltering because you still don’t pay enough attention to him or her. Seeks to increase communication.

Money: Good time to make investments and plan for the future. You can profit from your business skills.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: More difficulties than normal are to be expected and the benefits may not be as expected. Look for encouragement to move forward.

Health: Don’t worry about what others say, it’s not that important even if it seems otherwise to you. You must present your ideas without fear.

Money: If you had little work, you will have to get in shape because you will soon go from leisure to action. Get ready.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Have a rational attitude that makes you feel in control of your feelings and emotions.

Health: Give up those unhealthy habits that do not allow you to have a good quality of life. If you can’t do it alone, seek help.

Love: Today’s stability can break into a thousand pieces if you make unfair criticism. If you want a change, start with yourself.

Money: Carry out specific actions that bring you closer to the goal. Overcome the obstacles that come your way, strengthen your self-esteem.

Horoscope todayHoroscope today


Horoscope today: Don’t expect miracles. You will realize that the bitterness begins to recede and you will finally be able to have a space and a dimension of your own.

Health: Lie down in your favorite chair, choose a drink of your choice and listen to music that allows you to relax for at least ten minutes.

Love: Your incomparable way of being will touch even the least sentimental. Good meeting between the couple and desire to share.

Money: Realistic as ever, you will find a quick answer to your financial problems. Avoid getting anxious.

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