The norse mythology with its rich variety of gods and goddesses, is one of the best known on this side of the world, where its gods and goddesses transcended myth and became comic superheroes later brought to the big screen.

The journey through Asgard the majestic kingdom where these gods live, brings us epic stories of powerful creatures and colossal battles, which not only fueled the imagination of people around the world for centuries, but also helps us understand the values ​​of the Germanic cultures of northern Europe.

Their stories allow us to enter a world of epic battles, powerful magic and fantastic creatures, a cultural legacy that continues to fascinate people around the world and that have transcended in the form of superheroes in the world of Marvel.

The inscription "it is OdinThe inscription “it is Odin’s man” is seen in golden semicircle unearthed in Denmark in 2020. Photo: file.

He is the father of many of the gods and the one who will guide the gods and other men against the forces of chaos, in the battle at the end of the world called the “Ragnarok” There the god will be killed and devoured by the ferocious wolf Fenrir. With his only eye and his spear Gungnir, Odin was the supreme leader, responsible for cosmic order and destiny.


The son of Odin is the protector of Asgard, he was the god of thunder, storm and strength. Armed with his mighty hammer Mjölnir Capable of destroying mountains and unleashing thunderstorms, Thor was a figure feared and respected by all.

His constant fight against giants and his commitment to protecting humans made him one of the most popular gods. His figure inspired a superhero that marked the science fiction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by actor Chris Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth as the character Thor, in the Marvel saga.Chris Hemsworth as the character Thor, in the Marvel saga.


She is the goddess of the home, love, fertility and motherhood, wife of Odin and queen of Asgard. She is one of the most revered in Norse and Germanic mythology. In the Eddas she is mentioned as one of the main goddesses, along with Freyja.


She is the goddess of love and beauty, and people invoked her to obtain happiness, assist in childbirth, and have good seasons. but Freya (or Freyja) was also associated with war, death, magic and prophecy.

The Eddas mention that he received half of those killed in combat in his palace called Fólkvangr, while Odin received the other half in the Valhalla. Frigg and Freyja are the two main goddesses of the Norse religion.

Norse illustration depicting Loki.Norse illustration depicting Loki.


This very popular god in the West is that of deception, cunning and discord. His figure is complex and ambiguous. While he was capable of great feats and helping the gods, he was also known for his trickster nature and his ability to wreak havoc.

He is the son of the giants Farbauti and Laufey. He mixed with the gods freely, coming to be considered by Odin as his blood brother. He is rather a mythological being who, since he is not venerated, would not fall into the category of deity.

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