We no longer present Omar Sy. And for good reason, the episodes of “TV shows” are timeless as they continue to make the whole of France laugh. A few years later, Omar Sy won a César for his role in “Intouchables”. Since then, he has had a string of successes and projects. The latest one leaves no one indifferent!

Omar Sy, freewheeling!

Criticized for his exile in the United States, Omar Sy sets the record straight with his detractors. In his book, with the help of his journalist friend at “New Obs”, he takes stock of this extraordinary career. Transparent as ever, he analyzes his joys and does not ignore his sorrows.

Let us tell ourselves, during his adolescence, he did not imagine that one day the cinema of his childhood would bear his name. Far from being an isolated case, he specifies that the room is “ frequented by all the children of the town since kindergarten “.

Moreover, Omar Sy remembers precisely his first session “ among friends “. Moved, he will even allow himself a little joke. “ Afterwards, we bought some fried merguez in the street, because kebabs weren’t yet in fashion.. »

For his part, the mayor of Trappes is full of praise for by Omar Sy. To his eyes, ” this immense artist, child of Trappes who never forgot where he came from » represents symbol “ a beautiful incarnation of the city, its most beautiful allegory “.

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Omar Sy persists and signs. “ There is something magical about this city. When I see a Trappist anywhere in the world, I feel like I’m meeting a brother. It’s real, it’s not something that we force, that someone dictated to us. It’s like that. » What a beautiful message from this huge star with a big heart!

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