We no longer present Adriana Karembeu. Indeed, his admirers met him during his first union with a world football champion. Since then, she has come a long way. Ambassador of the Red Cross, host of health programs, she multiplies the projects. Gold, in the secret of his broken soul, she retains the scars of her heavy past. We’ll tell you everything!

The double punishment of Adriana Karembeu

In recent days, Adriana Karembeu has started promoting her book. Moreover, the title of this work is evocative. More than ever, she feels “ free » of this past and will express it in his words, but also in his actions.

Moreover, this is not the first time that she remembers her long obstacle course. Faced with Frédéric Lopez and the participants of “Our true nature”, Adriana Karembeu reveals the shattering and traumatic speech of his parents. ” He There are just two people on Earth who are supposed to love you, and that’s not the case, and what’s more, they’re telling you so. »

When Adriana Karambeu puts her ailments on paper, she makes a clear observation. I felt the blows in my flesh again. I became aware of the absurdity of these gestures towards me. » And the birth of his youngest Natalia didn’t help matters, quite the contrary.

From then on, Adriana Karambeu takes care of dissect his father’s attitude. “I was the scapegoat, a kind of bag you hit when you’re in a bad mood or when you just want to torture for free. »

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Defenseless against the one she describes as “ psychopath“, Adriana Karembeu unfortunately cannot not rely on support from your mother. In fact, she emphasizes that her method of educating her daughter is deliberately “ hard“. Despite her pain, Adriana Karambeu translates this confession as an admission of “ weakness“. Fight against this dominating husband, it’s too complicated. »

Today, divorced from the father of her only child, Adriana Karambeu makes the choice to raise your princess with kindness. As we tell you in this article, their complicity is well worth our attention. Serenity is now!

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