Despite the diversity of social networks currently used, Facebook continues without losing validity. And although it is not one of the applications most used by young people, it is still a channel chosen by adults and seniors to communicate, inform or entertain themselves.

However, for different reasons, sometimes users tend to block their contacts, which means that neither the blocked user nor the one who proceeds to do so can see each other’s accounts. It should be noted that this is a possibility that all social networks currently include.

Of course, when a person is blocked, they are not notified of this, although it is not difficult for them to find out if at some point they seek to interact, since they will not be able to find the account of the person carrying out the action or communicate through the Messenger application, through which you chat directly.

Blocking a user on Facebook generates several restrictions.Blocking a user on Facebook generates several restrictions.

For this reason, taking into account that sometimes another user is blocked, for example, as a result of momentary anger, it is useful to know how to unblock him later, since there are some issues that must be taken into account, especially being that Facebook It usually modifies the steps to follow once the application is updated.

However, both users will not automatically become friends on the social network again, if they had been friends before the block. In that case, either of the two users will have to send each other a new friend request. These are the steps to unblock another user:

Where is the blocking center on Facebook.Where is the blocking center on Facebook.
  1. Click on your profile photo at the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & privacy and click Setting.
  3. Click Privacy in the right column.
  4. Click Locks.
  5. In the Block Users section, click Edit.
  6. Click View your blocked list.
  7. Click Unlock next to the profile you want to unlock.
  8. Click Confirm to finish unlocking the profile.

What happens when someone is blocked on Facebook?

There are several limitations generated by Facebook – a social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and which is currently part of the Meta universe – when it comes to blocking another user, regardless of whether it is a friend or not, since it can be blocked to any account. You have to keep in mind that if someone is blocked, you will have to wait 48 hours to remove the restriction. These are some of the main restrictions:

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